PCT 2018 California Section G North Half – Gateway to the Sierras

Dateline: Bishop, CA (20180725)

After a six week hiatus, Rob is back on the Pacific Crest Trail.  He’s starting at Kennedy Meadows, considered the southern gateway to the Sierras and headed to Crabtree Meadow, the junction to the trail headed to the Mount Whitney.  The trip starts a bit hot and dry, but builds to be plenty cool and wet.  See for yourself in the video linked below.

Fair winds

2 Replies to “PCT 2018 California Section G North Half – Gateway to the Sierras”

  1. What an amazing undetaking. Great photos too. . The hail looked like it could be pretty bothersome and a potential concern, depending on how big the ice balls were. I’ve seen cars in MN with hail damage, and if it can do that to a car I can imagine what it can do to a person if there was no overhead shelter

  2. Hi Rob,
    Simply spectacular!! It’s amazing how much it
    rains in the mountains. When you are down in the desert
    it just seems impossible that there is that much water
    up above. Stay dry 🙂
    Happy Trails,
    Aunt Sue and Gerald

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