PCT 2019! Teaser

PCT 2019!

Unending adventures!

Having failed to complete trekking the 1700 miles of California, Rob is upping his game and this time being joined by his son Ken. Up next: Thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail. 2660 miles from Mexico to Canada. Get ready to share their experiences starting in late March of 2019.

Check out the teaser video below.

Have fun and Fair winds!

PCT 2018 California Section H – Bishop to Mammoth, Part 1 of 2

Constructed in 1930 by the Sierra Club in memory of John Muir

Dateline: Selden Pass, CA (20180901)

After waiting for the smoke to clear, Rob returned to the trail picking up on Section H where he left off.  He re-entered the Sierra Nevada Mountains by taking the South Lake trail head near Bishop and hiking over Bishop Pass.  He rejoined the PCT and headed north to Red’s Meadow, the exit point to get to Mammoth Lakes.  The video below shows the way.

Part 1 covers from Bishop to the top of Selden Pass.  Part 2, coming soon, will cover from Selden Pass to Mammoth.

Fair winds

The Plan and You Must Be Crazy!

Raymond Lynn Benson, father, hiking in the Agua Tibia wilderness in 1983

Dateline: Vista, California (20180315)

The Plan

101 Marathons. 5.3 million steps. 85 miles of vertical elevation gain (and loss).

I am going to go a long way, but I’m not going to attempt to complete the full trail in one season. I’m going to split the 2650 mile trail into two parts: 1) California in 2018 and 2) Oregon and Washington in 2019.

So, that makes it only 65 marathons in 2018. No biggie.  (Side note: I’ve never run a marathon in my life!  Maybe in my dreams, but not in my life.) Continue reading “The Plan and You Must Be Crazy!”