In 2018, Rob took a shot at walking the 1700 miles of the PCT from Mexico to Oregon. However, knee injury, twisted ankle, surgery of someone very close to him, and smoke from fires in the mountains, motivated him to get off the trail more than originally planned.

Although he ‘failed’, he:

  • Hiked 657 miles,
  • Walked up 108,638 ft (20.6 vertical miles), and
  • Burned 162,366 calories (as estimated by the AllTrails app he was using).

He decided that “Enough is not enough!”

He’s at it again, this time thru-hiking the entire Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada. His son Ken is coming along. The five to seven month adventure will surely test their stamina and mental fortitude. Follow the blogs as they will post whenever they can.

Fair winds

Find Rob (Kedger) and Ken

Rob and Ken will be carrying Garmin inReach Global Satellite Technology.  The technology enables you to send and receive messages, track and share the journey and — if necessary — trigger an SOS to get emergency help from the 24/7 global monitoring center.

To locate us, click one the links below. (You may need to zoom in on the US west coast to find us.)

Garmin inReach Map for Rob (Kedger) (https://share.garmin.com/Kedger)

Garmin inReach Map for Ken (https://us0-share.inreach.garmin.com/Benson)


The Pacific Crest Trail

There is a LOT of information about the PCT and other long distance trails available via the internet.   Here are a few of my favorite sources of information.  If you’re looking for something in particular, contact me and I’ll try to help when I can.

Favorites Information Sources:

I’ve used, and will continue to use, dozens and dozens of additional sources, but these have been my favorites.


Views of our adventure will be posted on our YouTube Channel PCT Trekking and Kedging.   They will also be posted our blog found here, however, there might be delays at times due to network connectivity and being on the trail!


When I’m on the trail:

Contact by Satellite Text!

Yes! Feel free to do this. I currently have unlimited text messages! Go to the link below (this will open a new tab), then click on the Message  button in the navigation bar on the left of your desktop or Send Message near the top of your mobile device.  Satellite is not instantaneous. It may take a while for me to get your message.
Text Rob by Satellite

When I’m NOT on the trail:

Contact me by email!
You can contact me here, but it may be sometime before I get your message. After all, I'm heading into the wilderness.