11 Replies to “PCT 2021! Teaser Video”

  1. Looks like more amazing adventures and gorgeous scenery ahead!
    Congrats on getting the required permits, not to mention all the awards! 🙂 Way to go!!!

    Ann and Jim

  2. WOW!! LOVE traveling the PCT with you…THIS way! The photos brought back a flood of memories from your past adventures…. and looking forward to the MAP stopping at the Canadian border next! Thanks for the ‘teaser’ !!

    PS AND you’ll be happy to know (and me even more so) that what ever changes you made this year to this amazing program, I AM NOW GETTING EMAIL NOTICES THAT YOU HAVE POSTED!! YAHOO!!

    1. We’re looking forward to getting started again. I’m glad that the gods of the ethernet are allowing our electrons to find their way to your inbox! Fair winds

  3. Well done guys. Both your trek and the video. Enjoy your next adventure in June.
    (I’m the Aunt of your old baby sitters, the McCollum girls.)

    1. Hi Vicky, Thank you. I’m glad you’re coming along with us. I hope, and expect, that our continued adventure is as good as our last. Fair winds

  4. That is amazing!! I’ve been hearing your great adventures but the video. Those views are beautiful!! The map you’ve traveled has made me tired… This is so great you are doing this!! So excited they’ve given you a date to start back up. I’ll look forward to hearing all about it! Once you finish this you guys can come visit me in S Korea and figure out how to hike around S Korea!! The country only supposed to be the size of Indiana. winters are brutal so let’s try spring.
    Seriously can’t wait to hear all about you hiking in June!! Fun times ahead!!

    1. Hi Sarah,
      We can’t wait to get started either. S Korea has not been on my hiking radar. I’ll have to look into it! Thank you for the suggestion. I’m 100% in agreement about avoiding a brutal winter.
      Fair winds

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