4 Replies to “PCT 2019 Day 43 Mile 511 to 518”

  1. HI Rob and Ken,
    Sue says “Hikertown – That’s so cute, looks real comfy”
    Gerald says “Lucky you didn’t land in jail” 🙂
    Aunt Sue and Gerald

    1. Let Gerald know that we became good friends with the Sherriff. I’m pretty sure that, if we’d ended up in jail, he would not have locked the door. Actually, nothing is locked there. No reason to be.
      Fair winds,

  2. I know this is the least important thing for you to think about, but I appreciated the change in music this year. The mixing has been better, and a bit more variety has been, so hats off to the sound team in these videos.

    1. Hi Rob, I’m glad you’re enjoying it. It gets mixed reviews with most people in favor. I know that I enjoy the videos more with music so I’m continuing to add it. Fair winds, Rob

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