PCT 2019 Epilogue

Top Rock and CBS are off the trail. This video recaps a few of the statistics from their adventure, a few thoughts, and what the future may hold. About half of the video is a ‘Relive’ 3-D map of their journey.
Thank you for coming along this year.
Fair winds,
Ken and Rob (AKA Top Rock and CBS)

PCT 2018: Back to the Trail

Dateline: Kennedy Meadows Campground, Lone Pine, CA (20180716)

It has been a while, but I’m headed back to the trail.  The PCT has been calling.  Or maybe those are just the voices in my head.  I’m headed into the Sierras and there is little cellular coverage and Wi-Fi is rare.  So, you’ll have to wait for video and pictures, but you can keep track of my progress at Find Rob.

Fair winds

PCT 2018: Life Gets in the Way of the Trail

Lake Morena Valley

Dateline: Vista, CA (20180615)

The great majority of people that begin to hike the PCT never finish it.  Life gets in the way.  Sometimes its related to the trail.  Often it has nothing to do with it.

I came off trail planning to spend about three weeks to rehab a knee and let a twisted ankle recover.  I also came off trail because someone very close to me was having some minor surgery during that period.  Actually, not ‘minor surgery’.   Minor surgery is what doctor’s do to someone you don’t know.  So, it was surgery.

Well, the surgery didn’t go exactly as planned.  Rather than a minor procedure completed in a surgery center, that visit became an exploratory procedure that is leading to a major surgery to be completed in a hospital.  So, I’m going to stick around.

I’ll be off trail for the foreseeable future, but likely until mid to late July.  When I get back on trail, I’ll post it here.  Until then…

Fair winds