5 Replies to “PCT 2019 Day 8 Mile 105 to 109”

  1. LOVE THIS DAY!! Never would Mac & I…. along with Rose and our friends Bob & Cheryl …. have thought we could be a little part of your PCT trek! But today, we did 7.4 miles in Warner Springs to make it happen!! And this was also the 1st time for all 5 of us to check out “Eagle Rock” with you two!!

    And for me, the COWS were “utterly” the icing on the cake!! What a perfect day of weather, green hills, wild flowers and friendships!!

    To help our family & friends find us on this almost 8 minute video, start with COWS at 3:36, impromptu “talk” with Rob & Sharon at 5:26, Mac walking solo at 6:12 (after being called “Trail Angels” cause we simply shared apples & snacks) and ALL of us resting together at 6:45!

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