6 Replies to “PCT 2019 Day 109 Mile 710 to 728”

  1. I really like that you showed the trail you trekked at the very end of this video. It helped show the topo of the trail, which is something I was always curious about. Still loving your trek.

    1. Thank you Debbie. The ‘Relive’ is something I came across during our last ‘zeros’ in San Diego. Considering that we were entering the Sierras, it could not have come at a better time (unless I would have found it right from the beginning.) Fair winds, Rob

  2. Love hearing you call down -jackets puffies. So descriptive!

    Why is Ken called Tom Rock.? Sounds like a good story there

    1. Hi LaVonne, Rose’s Aunt Sue noticed that Ken was always seeking and standing on the highest rock on any peak we would find, i.e., the ‘top rock’. The name stuck and has now become a tradition for him. Good to hear from you. Fair winds, Rob

    1. Hi Diane, Yes, I love the perspective it adds to the hike. I hope to be able to continue to use it as we go forward and then someday go back and ‘relive’ the entire trip. Fair winds, Rob

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