PCT 2018 California Section H – Bishop to Mammoth, Part 2 of 2

Dateline: Mammoth Lakes, CA (20180904)

After waiting for the smoke to clear, Rob returned to the trail picking up on Section H where he left off.  He re-entered the Sierra Mountains by taking the South Lake trail head near Bishop and hiking over Bishop Pass.  He rejoined the PCT and headed north to Red’s Meadow, the exit point to get to Mammoth Lakes.  The video below shows the way.

Part 1 covered from Bishop to the top of Selden Pass.  This Part 2 covers from Selden Pass to Mammoth.

Fair winds

6 Replies to “PCT 2018 California Section H – Bishop to Mammoth, Part 2 of 2”

  1. Not even close to boring – thank you so much for sharing your journey. Larry & I are enjoying every step of the way…. Fair Winds!

  2. Rob- Kinda sad for just a moment to know that I’ve watched your last 2018 PCT video…. but rewarding to remember how fun (AND so much easier-haha) it’s been to walk along side of you all these months…. see what you are seeing & experiencing…. and knowing that next year we might be able to do it again! Take care, rest up and looking forward to new PCT adventures next spring!!

    1. Hi Sharon, Good news. There’s one more post for this year and I just posted it. I’ve already started to plan next year, using the wisdom I’m acquired this year. I read a great quote yesterday from John Dewey. It said, “We do not learn from experience … we learn from reflecting on experience.” I’m reflecting. Fair winds

  3. Your wow’s haven’t become small enough for you to quite yet just sayin’.

    You’ve acquired enough fantastic photos to sell to dozens of calendar publishers.

    Fair winds and dry skies

    1. Hi LaVonne,

      Thank you for following along. I’m going to try to keep the wow’s as WOW’s for a couple of more years. I know it’s possible, but it requires me slowing down a little bit. The PCT is 101 marathons. I’ve completed 25 of them. Reflecting on those 25 marathons, there were enough images to capture in each one of them to create a calendar. And, I’m just capturing snapshots of the moments in time when I’m there. If one were to slow down and wait for the lighting to be right, there could be volumes for photographs worth preserving.

      I LOVE your addition of the ‘dry skies’. It is so appropriate for places I’ve been hiking. While I love the rain and all that comes with it, I REALLY like EVERYTHING inside my tent to be dry when I climb in there. That’s tough to accomplish if it is raining frequently.

      Thank you again. Fair winds

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