4 Replies to “PCT 2019 Day 6 Mile 77 to 88”

  1. Hi Rob and Ken,
    Sue – Love seeing the daily blogs!!
    Gerald – Hope the wind was at your back! Nice Hats!!

    Aunt Sue and Gerald

  2. Got to your last post on April 2nd which was your video on DAY 6- a few days ago. Looking forward still to your post on Day 8 at Warner Springs!! “Spoiler Alert”! Rose and 4 friends will be meeting Rob and Ken at “Eagle Rock”!! What a special day that was for us all!! Now it’s well after midnight here in Mira Mesa…. and time for me to crawl into a bed already waiting for me…. and thinking of all the nights you’ve already pitched your tent and many more to go. LOVE traveling with you… seeing more of southern CA than I ever have. What pioneers you two are!! Hope you’re nice and warm tonight! Supposed to be a little rain here… hopefully not ‘THERE’ where you are! zzzzz (4-3-19 at 12:20AM)

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