PCT 2020! A Long SOBO Section (March Teaser)

Top Rock and CBS are itching to get on the Pacific Crest Trail again. However, it may be months before the snow returns to a ‘reasonable’ level for backpacking. In 2020, we’re hoping to travel 1155 miles southbound (SOBO) from Mt. Hood in Oregon. Starting that far north, we likely will be starting very late in the spring. We plan to hike to Tuolumne Meadows in the eastern portion of Yosemite park in California. Last year we ended at Tuolumne Meadows while hiking north. Start watching for daily updates once summer arrives.

Fair Winds,

6 Replies to “PCT 2020! A Long SOBO Section (March Teaser)”

  1. We are looking forward to traveling with you again…. vicariously thru your blogs! Love the “trailer” of past and map of future! AND thrilled this one showed up in our emails! Maybe we won’t have to go ‘searching’ for you in Mt Hood or Tuolumne Meadows and beyond!! 😎 Sharon and Mac

    1. Hi Sharon & Mac,
      Glad you’ll be coming along again AND that the emails about new posts are finding their way to you! I’m looking forward to getting back on trail to start regular video postings.
      Fair winds,

  2. This is better than movie previews. It doesn’t have the silly narrator build up.

    I am pretty sure I know how Top Rock got his name, but not sure about CBS.

    1. Hi Rob,

      Last season Top Rock and I got pulled off trail due to a family death. Said as that was, it did give us a chance to catch up on current events. When we got back on trail, we ended up camping with a good sized group of hikers who had been on the trail for quite some time. I was able to bring them up to speed about world events, the earthquake that they had all just experienced and were still a bit shaken having seen too many rock slides up-close-and-personal, the weather forecasts, and trail conditions ahead. A member of the group say, “You should be called CBS because you bring the news.” It sort of stuck, at least for now. Personally, I like ‘Kedger’ better, but that requires too much of an explanation to make a good trail name.

      Looking forward to having you along again this year!

      Fair winds,
      Rob, aka ‘CBS’

  3. Hi Rob and Ken,

    So glad to hear you are both going back on the trail. We have
    missed you. It is so enjoyable to read your blogs and hear about your adventures! Can’t wait!!

    Best Wishes,
    Aunt Sue and Gerald

    1. Thank you. We also can’t wait! (Well, I guess we can wait because we want there to be a bit less snow on the trail when we start.)

      Fair winds,

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