PCT 2021! Teaser Video

We received authorization for our PCT Long-distance permits last week. Now they’re printed and we’re anxious to get started. Of course, we need to wait until June. Regardless, here’s a teaser video to set the mood. I’ll post a second teaser once we get closer to launch date. Fair winds.

PCT 2020! A Long SOBO Section (March Teaser)

Top Rock and CBS are itching to get on the Pacific Crest Trail again. However, it may be months before the snow returns to a ‘reasonable’ level for backpacking. In 2020, we’re hoping to travel 1155 miles southbound (SOBO) from Mt. Hood in Oregon. Starting that far north, we likely will be starting very late in the spring. We plan to hike to Tuolumne Meadows in the eastern portion of Yosemite park in California. Last year we ended at Tuolumne Meadows while hiking north. Start watching for daily updates once summer arrives.

Fair Winds,

PCT 2019! Eight Things I’m Doing Differently

Dateline: Vista, CA (20190112)

Last year, I planned plan to hike California, but failed. However, I did section hike close to 700 miles of it, split between the desert and the Sierras. This year, I’m planning to Thru-Hike from Mexico to Canada. Mountaincat8 asked what I’d be doing different. Here’s a short video on the top eight things I’ll be doing differently this year.

Fair winds

PCT 2019! Teaser

PCT 2019!

Unending adventures!

Having failed to complete trekking the 1700 miles of California, Rob is upping his game and this time being joined by his son Ken. Up next: Thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail. 2660 miles from Mexico to Canada. Get ready to share their experiences starting in late March of 2019.

Check out the teaser video below.

Have fun and Fair winds!

PCT 2018 Trekking Intro VLog

Dateline: Estes Park, CO (20180418)

I hope to be producing  video logs of my PCT adventure.  In preparation, I made my first-ever Video Blog (Vlog) to introduce the trip, record some of my early expectations, and for me to learn about the available Vlogging tools.  Suggestions are welcome.

Fair winds

The Plan and You Must Be Crazy!

Raymond Lynn Benson, father, hiking in the Agua Tibia wilderness in 1983

Dateline: Vista, California (20180315)

The Plan

101 Marathons. 5.3 million steps. 85 miles of vertical elevation gain (and loss).

I am going to go a long way, but I’m not going to attempt to complete the full trail in one season. I’m going to split the 2650 mile trail into two parts: 1) California in 2018 and 2) Oregon and Washington in 2019.

So, that makes it only 65 marathons in 2018. No biggie.  (Side note: I’ve never run a marathon in my life!  Maybe in my dreams, but not in my life.) Continue reading “The Plan and You Must Be Crazy!”