PCT 2019! Eight Things I’m Doing Differently

Dateline: Vista, CA (20190112)

Last year, I planned plan to hike California, but failed. However, I did section hike close to 700 miles of it, split between the desert and the Sierras. This year, I’m planning to Thru-Hike from Mexico to Canada. Mountaincat8 asked what I’d be doing different. Here’s a short video on the top eight things I’ll be doing differently this year.

Fair winds

6 Replies to “PCT 2019! Eight Things I’m Doing Differently”

  1. Looking forward to going along with you on your journey. Vicariously!!

    Aunt Sue and Gerald

    PS Is Ken going to blog too?

    1. Glad you’re coming! Ken doesn’t even expect to take pictures! So, I expect he will not be blogging either. I think he’ll be blogging vicariously through me.

  2. Going to reply once again but need to know if you even get our replies since all last summer and even now , you computer geniuses and even us non-computer geniuses , cannot figure out why we aren’t getting your blog emails. Thanks to Rose who is contacting us every time you send one out, just like this one. We are once again looking forward to your blog on your “dual” PCT adventure with Ken!!

    1. Hi S&M, Yes, I’m seeing your replies. I’m glad you’re coming along with me, and now Ken, this year. Looking forward to it! Fair winds

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