PCT 2019 Special Report Mile 172 Rock Slide

SPECIAL REPORT: There is a new rock slide at mile 172 that is currently blocking the trail. I’m posting this now in case anyone is headed that way. The rock slide occurred on May 27, 2019.
While the large rocks appear stable, the soil downhill from the slide is not. It slides underfoot. In my opinion, it’s dangerous and getting worse with each passing hiker.
The video fails to represent the steepness of the hillside. Below the slide the hill drops out of sight.
We made it through, and we talked to a dozen other hikers who also made it. But I do not recommend doing what we did.

3 Replies to “PCT 2019 Special Report Mile 172 Rock Slide”

    1. Will do. We were fortunate to “get an education” without any dire consequences. “Luck runs out. Safety is for life.”

    2. Yep!! Sketchy for you two…. terrifying from my view!! A lot of luck involved in this PCT adventure!! Even when I watched the next day, day 67, as you two are crossing a “raging “ mini waterfall, and you mentioned “not enough to drown in” I was thinking but plenty of chances of breaking a body part! I know we’ve watched you being super cautious and careful but a little luck never hurt. Yep… sending as much positive lucky vibes your way. Super hugs from San Diego .

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