PCT 2019 Day 67 Mile 191 to 181 San Jacinto

Back on trail, filling in the gap‘s that we had to skip. We’re starting with the area near Idyllwild, California that includes San Jacinto Peak. Last time, 3 feet of snow over a sheet of ice prevented us from completing this section. This time, conditions are different. However, are they really after the three winter storms that have passed through here in the last eight days?

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  1. Hi Rob and Ken,
    The higher up you go the deeper the blue sky. So beautiful. Glad to see you had some shelter for the night of real cold temperature. Hope you were able to stay warm.
    Happy Trails!!
    Aunt Sue and Gerald

    1. Oh my gosh, it was cold! It took Ken over an hour, and me over two hours, to warm up our toes after we were bundled up in our bags. At least we DID finally get warm … until morning. But then were were walking again, so ‘all good’. Fair winds, Rob

  2. OMG ! We’ve been gone for 3 weeks back east and just got home… and blown away by this last video on Day 67!! Your perseverance and flex ability in having to make changes due to so many storms is beyond amazing !! Loved seeing Rose at the beginning, Ken with his beard …and shorts in the snow!!!…,and the fact that was just mentioned by your Aunt Sue ….that you were able to find shelter during the freezing night. Still did not like how long it still took you two to finally unfreeze your feet and get some little sleep…. wonder how long it would take me to get some of these little lightweight flat feet heaters delivered to you! They can’t add that much weight to your backpacks LOL. Going to start thinking of you two modern day explorers as Louis and Clark and glad you dont have to do this for 2 1/2 years.!! Keep up the good work !!! absolutely an amazing challenge!!

    1. Thank you Sharon. Rose keeps telling us we should take along some chemical hand-warmers. That night was the first night I wished we’d followed her advice. Normally, you’re right, ‘can’t add that much weight’, but that one night, well, it would have been worth it! Fair winds, Rob

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