I’m Moving Towards a Plant Based Diet

Gorilla Eating Plant

Dateline: Vista, California (20180406)

In the title of this blog, the emphasis should be placed on the word ‘Towards’.  I’ve always liked vegetables and fruits.  So, it’s pretty easy for me to stear my diet that direction.  However, I’m far from being a purest in this pursuit.   Nonetheless, when reasonable options are available, I’m choosing to eat plants more than anything else these days. Continue reading “I’m Moving Towards a Plant Based Diet”

Preparation – An Early Lesson

Early food purchases for the PCT

Dateline: Vista, California (20180321)

Upon electing to undertake this venture, I decided to keep a list of ‘Things I wished I knew before I started’.  I expected the list to grow extensively right from the start.  Surprisingly, but maybe because of my recent sailing and ancient backpacking experience, it has NOT grown much at all!  It may grow later.  However, for now, my one and only big lesson is: Continue reading “Preparation – An Early Lesson”