PCT 2019 Day 57 Zeros Begin

The year of the never ending winter! With two storms approaching and ‘Severe Winter Storm’ coming to all of the Sierras, Rob and Ken are yet AGAIN forced off trail. Snow is still at 200% above normal on the John Muir Trail portion of the PCT and more snow is on the way. The “for-fun-only” “Sierra Entry Indicator” (found at https://www.postholer.com/snow/Pacific-Crest-Trail/1) is max’d out on July 7th. I wonder what it would say if it could go later? It’s good that we can get to ‘Home Base’ to dig deep into researching our next insertion point.

PCT 2019 Day 46 Mile 567 Zeros Begin

Being in a safe harbor as weather approaches, plans changed again. Instead of taking 1 zero, Rob and Ken will take a few extra days to let the rain pass. Here is some of the background, and a few shots from the road trip to home base.