Pacific Crest Trail Information Sources and Tools – My Favorites

Dateline: Vista, CA (20180422)

My PCT launch date is looming.  I’ve been getting educated and planning for the last seven months.  Data has been gathered from books, web pages, YouTube videos, blogs, and movies.  Reflecting on actionable resources, below are my favorite information sources and tools for executing my PCT adventure.

Planning and the Experience of Others

  1. Dixie, AKA Jessica Mills’ Homemade Wanderlust:
    1. Homemade Wanderlust Home Page
    2. Homemade Wanderlust YouTube Channel (Recommended: Homemade Wanderlust PCT 2017 Thru-hike)
  2. Pacific Crest Trail Association
  3. Yogi’s Pacific Crest Trail Handbook
  4. Zach Davis’s Pacific Crest Trials
  5. Halfway’s Maps
  6. Pacific Crest Trail Water Report
  7. Craig’s PCT Planner
  8. Darwin on the Trail
  9. All Trails (Hint: Search: Search for “PCT: CA Section”, “PCT: OR Section”, or “PCT: WA Section”)
  10. Wild
  11. As It Happens – PCT

On the Trail (Predicting)

  1. Guthook Guide on iPhone
  2. Fellow hikers on the trail
  3. Pacific Crest Trail Water Report downloaded routinely to iPhone
  4. Weather Underground on the iPhone
  5. All Trails on iPhone

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